About us

ZwischenWerk gUG is a multidisclipinary full-service creative agency. We develop concepts for lasting and social projects, products, and services. An emphasis of our work lies on the development of infrastructures to facilitate integration of refugees and other socially disadvantaged people.
Advisory, we work on eye-level with international artists, experts and innovators. We deliver creative solutions for both the analogue and digital world, simplifying and enhancing people’s daily lives.
Our unorthodox and participative art performances in public spaces attract attention and raise awareness for urgent, socially relevant issues. The artistic approach we pursue creates a cultural policy approach to education and creates the conditions for an open and lasting discourse to change the collective development positively. The use of state-of-the-art technology combined with art and science is always a fundamental part of our work.
We understand that socially disadvantaged people and refugees are mere aid recipients, and we promote intercultural exchange and motivate everyone to actively involve with their own ideas and skills. We strive for a high quality for our projects and project concepts, pursuing a dual objective strategy: to enable social participation of refugees and overcome prejudices within society. This is our contribution to the foundation of a democratic, pluralistic, and inclusive society.
In addition to our art performances we organize workshops on topics that deal with the possibilities of future technologies. We enable refugees and other socially disadvantaged people to become a part of the digital transformation in Germany and to increase their chances on the labor market.
Another focus of our work lies in the development of mobile apps that target urgent necessities of refugees. We closely work with other associations, institutions, companies and NGOs.
The complementary skills of our experienced team and the heterogeneity of our partners allows us to realize our projects quickly and easily. We consistently harmonize the needs of all participants with their perspectives, goals, and ressources.
Our objectives are the development of participative and decentralized programs to combat exclusion, strengthening the participation of socially disadvantaged people, and a constructive understanding of diversity.