The Freegees

The Freegees is an online platform which empowers artists to collaborate for different causes in a meaningful and sustainable way. It aims to help displaced artists free from war and conflict finding new opportunities of being creative again by connecting and collaborating with local cultural scenes. Encouraging these co-creations and sharing their stories help to highlight the insights of what it means to be human and stay connected.

Unique 360° storytelling campaigns, which combine interdisciplinary forms of art, music, and innovative technologies helps to expose the co-creations and helps to cultivate the existence of displaced artists as humans with creative skills who contribute to diverse societies.

On The Freegees platform everyone can contribute to good causes while getting a piece of art in return, helping the artists to sustain a living with their music and art. The proceeds from each purchased item on The Freegees platform is split between the co-creators and a social cause/non-profit. This enables artists to continue expressing themselves in a creative and artistic way, and helps preventing potential loss of the ones who are less fortunate.

Art is one of the strongest tools humankind possesses. Fostering collaborations between artists not only lowers the barriers for successful integration into new societies, it enriches the lives of all of us.

The Freegees is a different kind of movement, functioning outside of the status quo and value, being fluid with the changing world around us. Everyone is a creative, whether it’s creative thinking, making, or doing, we can make a cultural change for the better.